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Unfortunately, when we buy pre-prepared *** food, we can't rely on the manufactures to care enough what we feed our pets. Although some products are supposedly protected by the Federal law they aren't closely monitored and some manufactures are decidedly dishonest with their pet food products. Some have even used dead and diseased animals - sometimes even dead dogs to supplement their products. I'* afraid it'* down to you to protect little "Timmy".

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Minimize the time you spend outdoors during the humid seasons to avoid asthma problems. If you have asthma difficulties, the most humid part of the year is also most likely the most aggravating one. Damp air is in itself bad for asthma sufferers, and it also tends to bring allergens and other irritants with it. Staying indoors whenever possible will keep you away from these threats.

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Quick tip on eliminating odors: Put some baking powder in a bowl (three to four table spoons will do) and let it sit in your refrigerator uncovered. The baking powder is a natural deodorizer. It will keep your refrigerator absolutely odor free. Change it after every 15 days. Click here to know three other non-obvious uses of the baking powder.

The bottom line with the WMF Perfect Plus (as well as other cookers from WMF) is that it is a more expensive product. You will pay more for it however, when you consider everything from its cook-friendly design to its durable construction to its many fabulous features, the money you spend on a Perfect Plus really does end up being money well spent. It is money well spent on healthy living not only today but into the future as well.
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